The star is always there
look for it
Has always been there
you will see it
Will always be
tell me what you see

There are words that describe
not just words
Thought that becomes words
say what you feel
That are just words
words that become thought

Look until the words leave
take your time
And then the thought leaves
you will feel it
That feeling remains
it is yours alone

What you say, I may feel
say it now
I see, can't describe
or don't say it
See for yourself
you can help me see

Now see beyond the star
think of it
Beyond, Within, Of
the way it feels
And always more
but enough for now

Star becomes part of you
for right now
But so far away
forever shines
Part, Outside, There
see it any night

You've seen this star before
in one way
Was it the same then?
not all at once
Always the same
maybe one more look

(c)1998 Brent Hutto

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