Wordle ™ Poem of the Day

In YOUTH my life was one of ease,
Not a WORRY, myself to please.
Loving family, LOYAL friends,
maybe that good stuff never ends?

I just love to watch him play hockey.

his name is ROCKY.
Wouldn’t you like to watch
him playing hockey?

Each PEARL is cruelly shorn
from an oyster none will MOURN.
It’s a human DIRTY trick,
RIGHT or wrong it’s over quick.

Get me out of this HOUSE today
waiting’s become an AGONY.

On the RADIO, one day now,
holiday songs will make a bow.

It would not do me a FAVOR,
a Christmas CAROL to savor.

I make delicious MEATY stew
and I’m PIOUS about it too.
Before you BRUSH me off, please
try my macaroni and cheese.

In a DREAM I did not ENJOY
a vision of terror, oh boy!
As I watched in horror, alone,
a CLONE turned my PHONE into STONE.

I’m traveling a ROUGH TRAIL
with many a trap and SNARE.
My courage shall never fail
’til I reach its end with flair.

It’s enough to make me IRATE,
the way I still seem to CHOKE.
I’m not CLOSE to accepting my fate,
this virus is one unfunny joke.

The CRANK Test

Wake up glad to be ALIVE,
ROAST some coffee then contrive.

Write three poems, instead of one,
with the second ending o-pun!

’tis a GRAND PRANK, let’s be FRANK,
to hate it you’ll be a crank.

Still feeling pretty ROUGH,
not recovered QUITE enough,
for enjoying AUDIO.
Make my own MUSIC? No-Go!

I have a COUGH, not so GREAT.
Tried every ANGLE, must be fate.
Need an ANGEL, don’t be late.

Go to bed EARLY, cares banish
ERASE all the trials of the day
Into the ETHER pains vanish
EXERT not, just sleep it away.

It’s QUIET among the CORAL
the BROAD ocean overhead,
back at the MANOR a floral
RAYON suit lies on my bed.

I will learn if you will TEACH,
but CABLE TV has a mighty reach.
I know this link isn’t CLEAR,
must be my covid talking, dear.

It was a TOUGH time,
we considered a CHEAT.
No SHINY word rhyme,
with a WHISK it’s complete.

These past few days have been a BEAST
we did not YIELD because we know
our ELDER one feels strong at least
a week OLDER, rarin’ to go.

I’m tired of sitting in this HOUSE
Even though it’s all the VOGUE.
Wish I could buy prevention by the OUNCE,
don’t QUOTE me but I want to go rogue.

You don’t need to be ALERT
even with LOUSY timing
the whole poem comes in a spurt
if you’re LUCKY at rhyming!

The sun begins to TREAD
its morning path to glory.
Cast ROUGE upon my bed,
ROUSE me for this day’s story.

when for sleep you feel NEEDY
but you can’t DWELL in bed
when for breakfast you’re greedy.

The early REACH was promising,
nothing could QUASH our hope.
Thought we found the STASH
but then AWASH we could not cope.
In a FLASH we thought it was over,
did we GNASH our teeth? Nope.

It is a WEIRD thought,
could even go VIRAL,
to climb a BIRCH tree
in an upward spiral.

to this DIZZY notion.
All other plans repealed
we’re GIDDY for the ocean.

AGILE enough to AVOID
the bits our AMBIT omits
and AWAIT the perfect time
until we can get’s some grits.

There is no just CAUSE
to DOILY it up–
a PRION gives pause
in my ONION cup.

The BEACH is a place
of wonderful GRACE
it is my favorite SPACE

My curiosity had to be SATED
so it is best if you don’t CHIDE
me when I ELIDE the part you hated
because of your execrable PRIDE.
Please now accept my much belated
admiration for your lovely BRIDE.

We’re READY to lose this frown
Time to ADOPT a clown?
If that doesn’t bring a smile
Funny AUDIO may work for a while.

I am QUIET, no superhero

My POWER is subtle, best shown on paper

Only I can divide by zero

When through equations I CAPER

ROUSE me from sleep

TRADE my bed for passion deep

WRITE a poem to keep

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