Wordle ™ Poem of the Day

I Yam What I Yam

It’s not my STYLE to wear a POUCH,
that goes against the GRAIN.
At reading MANGA, I’m no slouch
does that make me insane?

Sabbath Day Advice, For What It’s Worth

Try to be ADULT.
Don’t DRONE on and on.
Avoid a GRODY cult.
Raise a BROOD alone.
Strive for a result.
Throw the CROWD a bone.

Sorry, We Got Nothin’

To our BEADY eyes
what a HELIX this seems.
We SCOUR its guise
HENCE it haunts our dreams

Eat More Fruit

Maybe we can CAUSE a TREND,
on socials show some WOMEN,
sharing snacks with a friend,
maybe a MELON or lemon.

Hey You, Get Off Of My Cloud

Sitting on cloud EIGHT,
in the ETHER so fair.
Nine would have be great
if the right words were there.

We’re All In It Together

Don’t WEIGH every day,
but still be on your GUARD.
Wear RAGGY clothes, act in a play,
written by an ANGLO-Saxon Bard.
While the ORGAN grinder is away,
the monkey holds the only card.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall

This is ABOUT a GROVE so small,
it has only GROWN two GROSS, that’s all.
The fruit is GRODY, not fit to eat,
no one can GROOM it without defeat.


An AWFUL CHAIN of events,
halted by stamping the BRAKE,
gave me a sudden, STARK sense
how quick a turn life can take.

Lend Me Your Ears

I am oh so PROUD
to ORATE aloud
even if the crowd
don’t cry BRAVO!

First World Problems

Here’s a QUERY, how to AVOID
a CHAIN of doubts and fears?
I’ll sit on SATIN, powder my nose,
a gilded BASIN to catch my tears.

I Wish I Had A River

The river, in a placid GUISE,
did hide a SHOAL beneath.
The water’s CHAOS makes us wise,
to how sharp are nature’s teeth.

To Thine Own Self Be True

You OUGHT not try to GUILD
yourself in another GUISE
when you’re from a little GULLY,
full of GUPPY and small frys.
Even a GUMMY bear ain’t pretending,
as the look on its face belies.


Remembered LATER only by me,
’twas a small CAVIL, you may agree.
Only BANAL, not meant to be
a matter PAPAL for the Holy See.
In fact, not worth bothering thee,
forget about it and go have some tea.

The Hills Are Alive

I’m trying to ROUSE my spirit,
USING MUSIC to lift my gloom.
Do you think 1812 would fit,
maybe MINUS artillery boom?

Crime Of The Century

At the FEAST the sun SHONE bright,
the food was SUPER from day to night.

A SLYER SKIER, gliding by
paused a moment, grabbed the pie.

How Can We Dance When Our World Is Turnin’?

The THING about getting OLDER
is staying on a LEVEL keel.

Each day you try to get bolder,
or at least that’s the way you feel.

Life has a BEVEL, no hand holder,
you stand on a banana peel.

Just Another Day At The Office

Our committee CHAIR
loves ANISE Seed Tortes,
wears a NINJA suit,
she’s a TITAN of sorts.

Ain’t Got Thyme For That Now

Tried some ANISE ice cream,
nothing to WRITE home about.
The recipe must ELIDE
the needed brussel sprout.
Oh well, it’s time to GLIDE
to the freezer for some Bryer’s.

This Too Will Pass

UPSET tummy,
CRASH on the way.
now it’s okay.

Lowcountry Born

When it’s time to paint a MARSH,
I’m quite ADEPT, as you know.
Critics may BLEAT, they are harsh,
let’s EXALT it as tres beaux.

This Ain’t No Fooling Around

It was only a DREAM,
so I DOUBT it was true.
I waltzed in a DISCO
with a DINGO and you.

Jekyll and Hyde

BEGIN by being PIOUS,
no RIVAL can deny us.
In a JIFFY I can switch
to evil without a HITCH.

No More Pencils, No More Books

To TEACH is PIOUS, I think,
but the GRIND has worn me down.
I’ve been driven to the BRINK,
in BRINY tears I may drown.


EIGHT o’clock
STORY hour
ROTOR turns
TUTOR is dour

Mister Ed Has Spoken

Let’s not ARGUE,
it’s PLAIN to see
LOAMY soil is better
than CHALK to me.

The horse in his STALL
would certainly agree.
No hard ground allowed
by mutual decree.

When It Rains It Pours?

The SAUCE has one fault,
it needs a PINCH of salt.

Pooh Bear’s Lament

We’re running out of HONEY
that’s the AWFUL truth, alas.
No bees within my AMBIT,
a sweet fortune to AMASS.

Some Like It Vanilla

Bored ice CREAM explorer
needs new mountains to CLIMB.
This flavor sounds COMIC,
cloves and CUMIN, sublime!


The OCEAN turns iron to OXIDE,
it corrupts OTHER things, too.
Its depths are black as OUTER space,
its surface, cerulean blue.

Or One Of Each???

For the best vacation,
one ventures to OPINE,
only mountains RIVAL
a TIDAL marsh, sublime!

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Don’t wear an IVORY CHAIN
to an AUDIT of your tax,
in selfies on social MEDIA,
or to get a Brazilian wax.

All’s Well That Ends Well

People may even stop and STARE,
perhaps it will end my REIGN,
but as Top Chef I’m beyond compare,
my PERCH JERKY is off the chain!
Dessert’s a real treat if you dare,
Cilantro Ice Cream, it’s insane.

Questions Run Too Deep, For Such A Simple Man

What helps keeps me ALIVE?
MIRTH from a SILLY game.

Can a FICUS grow in a pot?
Perhaps, if that’s your aim.

Is being PIOUS its own reward?
That’s always been the claim.

There’s No Place Like Home

All ALONE in a haunted house,
just a QUICK look upstairs.
MUSTY attic, smells of mouse,
roof leaks and needs repairs.

Pleasant Valley Sunday

EPOXY holds on tight,
cured at LEAST overnight.

FERAL cat in the house?
Best MOVED by your spouse.

Expensive DECAL on your car,
lets you park near and far.

One Pill Makes You Larger And One Pill Makes You Small

TRICK or treat?
Or rise ABOVE?
Avoid defeat
and VALUE love.

(You Better Find) Somebody To Love

I’ll AVOID throwing shade,
you can QUOTE this as fact.
This damned EPOCH will fade,
not all EBONY is all black.

Famously Hot

Some OTHER guy may PLEAD his case
to move to a cooler CLIME.
My SLICE of heaven is this place,
where Springtime is just sublime.

Consider The Source

Right there on VIDEO,
plain to see,
his raised middle DIGIT
was meant for me.

I was DIMLY thinking,
don’t you agree,
my best response
is to just let him be.

It all leaves me DIZZY,
as I told my DI-A-RY,
he was nutty as a squirrel,
barking from a tree.

Like A Rolling Stone

It’s time to say ADIOS
and you can QUOTE me on that.

I’ll wave goodbye to my CRONY,
take a bow and put on my hat.

If I stay too long I will GROWL,
and start to pace like a cat.

Let me PROWL on my own for a while
then one day I’ll come by for a chat.

I Can’t Seem To Face Up To The Facts

So much ANGER, hatred and fear
on RADIO, tv and news.
Things I don’t want to see or hear,
they totally give me the blues.
Would half a QUART of good CRAFT beer,
help keep me from blowing a fuse?

Keeping It Polite (Poem Using SOUND, GRUNT, PRUNE)

What’s that SOUND?
I reach for the moon,
with a GRUNT and a frown,
top branches to PRUNE.

Blair Symposium
April 26, 2024

What a GREAT day I had,
so much joy to GLEAN.
Sharing stories made me glad.
Oh, how my eyes did GLEAM!

I Hate It When That Happens!

Trying to do some PLEIN air painting,
Can you guess what would SPOIL my fun?
A wild TAPIR boar strolls into view,
Don’t know whether to paint or run.
Oh well, my scene is VAPID as was
and he just wants his portrait done.


Patience of a SAINT
To find a word that ain’t.

My breath is MINTY fresh
Not sure about my flesh.

This poem we should INTER
Impatience you may infer.

The INTRO at the end
No title to prepend.

You’re In The Army Now

It may be a CHORE
A hassle to the core
Its challenge OVERT
Right there in the dirt
If a ditch must be dug
Can’t sweep it under the rug

Martha Stewart Is Dead (And I Don’t Feel So Good Myself)

EIGHT WOVEN placemats
to COVER every stain.
In the REALM of home decor,
our taste is quite inane.

Our cats are all named ROVER,
our dog, Thomas Paine.
We seldom throw a party,
when we do it’s off the chain!

When a Man has a Hammer, Everything Looks like a Nail

Nothing can ROUSE me
to start off my day
like household repairs
not as work but as play.

Never SEVER an object
with knife, axe or saw
when you have a LASER
routine chores inspire awe!

A Bagger Of The Mind

Like a Cheshire Cat without the SMILE,
I’ve FOUND a CADDY who’s barely there,
he’s only TARDY once in a while,
can’t carry my bag but I don’t care.

Far From The Madding Crowd

An Edisto Beach BONUS sublime,
the peace and QUIET of Christmas time.
Days are crisp, not HUMID and hazy.
Winter life is LUCID and lazy.

Don’t Do Something, Just Stand There

but don’t RAISE the alarm.
Maybe to your surprise,
small stuff will do no harm.

Anticipating September 2, 2024

I really love LABOR,
I could WATCH it all day.
I keep TACIT about it,
this FACET of my play.

Like A Day Without Sunshine

Morning JUICE is so great,
When I miss it, I’m IRATE.

OJ helps keep me LITHE,
On grapefuit I thrive.

Veg and fruit, please try it
As a TITHE of your diet.

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

ABOUT many things
I do YEARN all the time.

A new SNAIL called Earnest
on glass walls to climb.

To SPANK about in my car,
which can turn on a dime.

For dinner a lamb SHANK,
well-seasoned with thyme.

Perhaps one fine morning,
some words that will rhyme!

Rhymes To Live By

Refuse to YIELD
Be your own CHIEF

Forget about IMAGE
No TEPID belief

EQUIP your mind
From no one take grief

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

While I try to STUDY for finals,
barely ALIVE, my spirit is limp.
Just CLING to my chips and soda
though they’ll turn me into a BLIMP.

Heart Of Darkness

One THIRD of the way
As I CARVE through this jungle.
NURSE my wounds as I pray
FORGE a path, don’t bungle.
MERGE with friends today
This nightmare will crumble.

Nothing Could Be Finer

Walk on the BEACH.
Smell the air, like BRINE.
BREED joy for each.
What could be fine?

Life Is But A Dream

A dragon’s too HEAVY to fly
Her AVIAN dreams are awry
But in my cartoon
She flies in a balloon
VOILA she sails through the sky!

Breakfast In April

Eating my chocolate cherry SCONE.
Looked out the window of my home.
Saw a FANCY FINCH, all alone.
Just a moment, then he was gone.

Isn’t It The Truth?

Had a ROUGH night
Tough to ARISE
WRIST feeling tight
Ain’t I a prize?

Born In A Brier Patch

Out and ABOUT
Got snagged on a BRIER
Some guys waving CHIBS
Made me CLIMB higher

Show Stopper

He looked wicked TOUGH,
walking down the STAIR.
His muscles were buff,
long PLAIT in his hair.

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Arrive with a frown, leave with a SMILE.
Soak in the STEAM room for a while.
Beauty SERUM to improve your look.
Lounge by the pool, reading a book.

Boxing Day At The Beach

Snow fine as FLOUR
FROST at an early hour
Ice-rimed palm FROND swinging
Ocean breezes stinging

That Don’t Make No Sense

Some things you can’t say by EMAIL
In fact, it’s not worth SQUAT
Sometimes a TAWNY-haired female
Breaks a TABOO, texting a lot

Life Lessons

You really OUGHT to take your phone
and not be driving all ALONE.

Some things require more than MOXIE,
most can be fixed with epoxy.

I mostly avoid excess FORCE
to save my voice from going hoarse.

Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone

I want a plain, toasty BAGEL,
for which I PLEAD and finagle.

I’m LEARY of flavoured cream cheese,
it’s a REALM where I’m hard to please.

In truth, I like plain old jelly,
not fancy junk from the deli.

And don’t forget the butter…

Loose In The Sky With Rhymin’s

I dreamt of going ALOFT with you
Giving CHASE to a beautiful bird
Below, a SABER toothed tiger too
Not to SPEAK of the unicorn herd

Float LIke A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

Light as a CLOUD
QUIET as a mouse
STRUM your guitar
Keep STUFF in your house

Today’s Wordle STUNK
I shouldn’t grouse
But what really STUNG
Was running out of rhyming words

Clouds of Mystery Pourin’ Confusion on the Ground

I feel ready to ERUPT
This RAINY weather exhausts
My words are quite abrupt,
Like the MAYOR, “All Is Lost!”

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone

Roam around the empty HOUSE
up and down every STAIR
SADLY, I have lost my mouse,
I’ll SALLY on in despair.

…I’d Have Baked A Cake

If you YEARN to be
our honored GUEST
a fluffy WHITE TOWEL
awaits your request.

Nothing Says Lovin’ Like Something In The Oven

Just a QUIET evening at home,
LIVER and onions for dinner.
Sourdough starter did RIPEN
and the bread has just now RISEN.

Monday, Monday

With a LAUGH she AROSE
to ENACT a bit of fun.
Soon joy began to DECAY
once her work day had begun.

The Condition My Condition Is In

Was there a QUAKE?
I wasn’t AWARE.

In the SHAPE I’m in
I just don’t care.

I’m a MODEL of ennui
with a SHADE of despair.

I Meant What I Said And I Said What I Meant

He commented somewhat DRILY
I’m living the life of Reilly.
Squinting into the GELID LIGHT,
affect and LINGO seemed to fight.

What, Will These Pans Ne’er Be Clean?

Tried to SCOUR my pans
to YIELD some kind of joy.
Such DEBIT of affect
can’t ABIDE such a ploy.

A Grain By Any Other Name Is Still A Grain

My vocabulary’s AMPLE
I’m not some silly WHELP
I even know that you can SPELL
the word “spelled” as “SPELT”.

Lazy Day, Sunday Afternoon

QUIET day, not much to report,
ROAST for lunch, dessert was a torte.

Watched my favorite SPORT
but my team came up SHORT.

I dismissed them with a SNORT
so much for my support.

Minimum Daily Requirement

She declared in an AWFUL VOICE,
this yoghurt’s a TOXIN, bad choice,
let us eat ice cream and rejoice!

Four Rules That May Or May Not Be True

TEPID water won’t STEEP your tea
Smart guys don’t PRATE so endlessly
All things must end, sometimes abrupt
A watched volcano will never ERUPT

Meant To Be Broken

As I have quite OFTEN said,
I’ll NEVER say NEVER again.
That’s been my rule SINCE forever
though I do break it now and then.

You Scream, I Scream, Not For The Same Team

Winter FACET of evening sweets
try COCOA instead of ice cream?

I know you’re VOCAL about your treats
but our LOCAL taste differs t’would seem.

Split the difference in favorite eats,
chocolate sauce to complete the dream.

Nothing To See Here, Folks

MAGIC is tragic
To ORATE is great
This PHASE lasts for days
Achieve a great HEAVE

There’s No Place Like Home

The salad wasn’t IDEAL
The dressing, some nasty HOUSE
As for the rest of the meal
Not enough to feed a mouse

Had to SEVER beans with a knife
The ZESTY gravy raised hope
but PESKY gristle was rife
The whole meal gets a big Nope

There’s Always Rhyme In The Thyme

Use your PHONE,
you’re never alone.

See a flower SPRAY,
while you pray.

Trust your GRASP
your lover clasp.

If You Try, Sometimes You Get What You Need

I OFTEN need to rise above
my GREED for yummy things.
Desire is not the same as love,
although SHEER CHEER it brings.

A Creature Was Stirring

Last NIGHT with dread
I saw a MOUSE
Went EARLY to bed
As he roamed the house

The Gene-Splicer’s Apprentice?

One way to AVOID a CHORE
if you remember to CLOSE the door,
let your CLONE mop the floor.

It Never Rains But It Pours

We can’t ALTER this rain
though it sure starts to GRATE.
It’s a pain in the brain,
to react is our fate,
adding a TEARY refrain
to our soaking wet state.

Ode To A Grecian Plate

On my HORSE I could not QUITE find
a certain PLACE I had in mind.
Years ago I bought a platter,
from this Greek, mad as a hatter.
A potter, I forget his name,
who applied lovely GLAZE with FLAME.

Seize The Day (OR Much To-Do About Nothing)

ARISE early with a full SLATE,
morning filled with chores by the SPATE,
evening spent in a lazy STATE,
tomorrow maybe learn to skate.

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley

SPOIL your kids today
REACH for the moon
TARRY along the way
AUGUR a happy tune
URBAN life’s a fray
Solve Connections soon

Bet You Didn’t See That Coming

The VALUE of being NOISY
on such a FOGGY day
is people will hear you coming
from FORTY yards away.


In an IDEAL situation,
for an IRATE conflagration,
practice visualization,
IMAGE of conciliation.

Less Than Zero?

The MINUS thing in Nerdle
left us quite IRATE.

It caused our brains to curdle,
that’s our CHIEF complaint.

GELID brains stalled on Wordle
DEVIL’s at the gate.

What It Was, Was Football

BRAIN to SNOUT I was confused,
the SCENE made no SENSE at all.
Then a tiny clue got me enthused,
they were kicking a soccer ball!

Earning Our Wordle Plaudit

Gave our strategy an AUDIT
tried to STEAL a Wordle solve.
Delved into our TROVE of vowels
which solutions OFTEN involve.

Today is the Wordle of our Discontent

I am LUCID now,
the IMAGE is clear,
mind RIVEN no more,
no need for fear.

No longer a BITER,
I’m WISER not hyper.
But I did guess BIKER,
so must pay the piper.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Looking for a ROBIN,
a hummer would be GREAT.
According to my CHART
for Spring we’ll have to wait.

I may not be so SMART,
my brain won’t fill a QUART,
but winter blues APART
it’s April in my heart.

You Come On Like a Dream

Cookies and CREAM
with ANISE on top.
A sweet, HEADY theme.
Too HEAVY, full stop.

All We Need Is Love

Here’s a TOUGH QUERY for you,
what would CUPID BUILD if he could?
I think a giant heart would do,
more love in the world would be good.

The Race Is Not Always To The Swift (But That’s The Way To Bet)

COUNT to three then go
Fast, don’t leave a TRACE
WHELM your slower foe
Win the MATCH with grace

Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The Time

Feeling like a four-toed SLOTH
on this cold and RAINY day.
If that’s really such a CRIME
state the PRICE, gladly I’ll pay.

All’s Well That Ends

Our RELAY team was RIVEN,
halted by an awful SHOUT

from the RIDER who’d been given
a clue what it’s all about.

Over the RIDGE he was driven,
our Wordle solution in doubt.

That Don’t Make NO SENSE

It took quite a WHILE,
no FAULT could I find,
when milk starts to SCALD
no PSALM comes to mind.

Conscience Doth Make Cowards Of Us All

On yon VINYL floor, what do I see?
‘Tis a giant ROACH staring back at me.
To SMASH or not, which will it be?
STASH her in the trash and flee!

Failed Lyrics (Bob Dylan, Not Dylan Thomas)

When it’s ROUGH,

Troubles so BROAD,
must be a sign.

Looking for an ALLOY
but it won’t combine.

Put on an ASCOT
but it wasn’t mine.

Fear And Loathing In Five Letters

Debts you must REPAY
That’s the ADULT way
Be LOATH to shy away
from the TALON today

The IRONY of being a QUARK

Too small to be cut with a SHEAR
But can SCRAM without leaving a mark

If you look, it will just disappear
It is with you on a walk in a park


The IRONY of a QUARK who is strange
and is happiest alone on the range
is that sheep it can’t SHEAR
but can SCRAM without fear
and its secret power is color change.

Rainy Days And Mondays Make Me Fat

I eat when it’s RAINY
or for any CAUSE at all.
I know that’s not brainy
but it’s PASTA, c’mon y’all!


We’re a little GROUP of two
loving, living HEART to HEART.
We may get NERVY or blue
but we’re NEVER far apart.

Lunar New Year Resolution

When trying to ROUND out your diet
BRAID healthy foods into each meal
A few veg can help if you try it
FRIED taters ain’t part of the deal

Nine-Fingered Poem

and a STICK is STIFF.
Not much of a poem
but done in a jiff.

Our Dream For “A Low Dishonest Decade”

Awaiting grace
Worries erase

Best Vacation Ever

If an ALIEN were to see
The very first time an ASTER
He’d say Earth is the place to be
Now and forever AFTER

Time Mumbo (No Jumbo)

Time is an endless BRAID
Only the PIOUS comprehend
WHILE we live, time is stayed
The soul is that WHICH knows no end

They Can’t All Be Winners

Do strive to LEARN more
As your time rolls along

Do take a REDUX, shine a light
on your favorite song

Don’t be a RELIC of the past
In new things you can REVEL

Don’t REPEL every change
Now and then be the REBEL

NEWS ITEM: Winter Storm Closes I-80

Donner Pass is SCARY today,
better to choose some altered ROUTE.

Don’t let your PRIDE hold any sway,
steady your NERVE and wait it out.

Park on the VERGE, out of the way,
staying safe is what it’s about.

A Noble Word Would Embiggen Any Puzzle

Not IDEAL (preaching here to the CHOIR),
lacks fun and RIGOR (seen in games prior).
The solution for today’s dumb game
is a word so MICRO, it’s just lame.

Tough Day At The Office

Wordle took an EPOCH to solve,
SCALE of effort far too involved.
If not solving it with ‘CLEFT’
we’d likely have been left bereft.

Things to AVOID
Being annoyed
Sigmund Freud
The paranoid

Ways to be ALIVE
Always strive
Help others thrive
All that jive

Your Big Moment on TV

You need to do the WHOLE thing,
gotta do it with some FLAIR.
Wear a BULKY sweater as you sing,
look the part, you’re halfway there.

Superhero Creation Myth

It’s WEIRD being all ALONE
in this city of glass and STEEL.
To EXCEL, for my deeds I must atone
and EXPEL the darkness that I feel.

Run, Run Away

Sometimes their words are a CHEAT,
too weak to ROUSE me from sleep.
Are they on the LEVEL?
Employed by the devil?
Solving LEGGY feels like defeat.


I was wearing my LUCKY PANTS
when things went OVOID, haywire!
I REFER, of course, to my dance
after stomping an EMBER of fire.

There once was a girl quite ADEPT,
bringing PEACE that all could accept.
This CHASE she did SLAKE
in spite of the SNAKE
who poisoned her dreams as she slept.

The God Who Hides

MUSIC to adore
BLOOD upon the FLOOR
ALOOF as Kriz’s book

From My Window

QUOTE to bemoan,
SWOON and groan.

See the CLOCK
watch them FLOCK
around the BLOCK.

History / Mystery

Don’t QUOTE me or preach,
it’s not much of a REACH,
to think eating a peach
is a RELIC of days gone by.

What Rough Beast?

Preaching here to the CHOIR, I know
but it’s QUITE important to say.
I sense a TAINT of fear and woe
that will STICK with us all today.
Even the FILLY and the crow
are ready to get well away.

To Be Is To Do
To Do Is To Be

LAUGH and the world will ADORE you
Offer a FEAST and feel their love
TWEAK your mind to a broader view
Actions fit thoughts like hand in glove

Six-Word Army

Are you READY?
QUIRK may abound.

Fly from the ROOST,
Bring the TORCH ’round.

Once you have FLOWN
True NORTH is found.

Apologies to vegans

Makes me want to scream and SHOUT!
A non-DAIRY ice cream MAKER?
Has to be a FARCE, no doubt,
a LARGE trick by some faker.

Keep On Keeping On…

QUIET your mind
STICK to the plan
When first two don’t pan

Mixed Metaphor Fairy Tales?

There once was girl called Snow WHITE
With a TROVE of dwarves, her delight
With STONE, flint and fire
To STOKE their desire
They STOLE her from Prince in the night.


Who likes YIKES, leaving no retort,
or writing poems ABOUT a FOUNT.
If on a COURT playing some sport
we’d call time out and have a pout.

This morning a man ate a SCONE
Oh the AGONY when it was gone!
He put up a FRONT
and feigned being blunt
It was really too BLOND to bemoan

Fasting Blood Work Morning

I do not know if I shall REACH
a time to fill my poor tummy.
Can’t TOUCH food, not even a peach
until LUNCH which will be yummy.

Toss your IMAGE
It’s all RIGHT
Take a SWING
Have a FLING
Put off DYING
Keep on DOING

There once was a huge noxious NOISE.
We tried to REACT with some poise.
But a boom was HEARD,
so loud it’s absurd,
reported as far as Illinois.

Regain your poise
Escape the NOISE
Pick any ROUTE
Knock yourself out

There’s this guy who loves to ORATE
his ramblings are tres, tres ornate.
This caused his wife GRIEF,
the marriage was BRIEF,
he tried to shut up but too late!

Hanging pipes CHIME and begin to sing
as the wind SHEAR arrives to bring
a hefty breeze that blew and THREW
a cold draft down the chimney flue.

Today it is WINDY out,
Feel the PINCH of the cold.
The FINAL straw, no doubt,
running eye LINER or so I’m told.

READY to explain
QUOTA of gain
ALIGN your brain
LANAI in Spain
FINAL is plain

At once I started to SHOUT
to the STORK in the yard “Get Out”!
Being VINYL he stayed,
a joke had been played.
My expression was STONY, no doubt.

Life’s a FABLE
Don’t watch CABLE

January 6, 2024

There once was a Lowcountry girl
as precious to me as a pearl.
Oh how the years flew
now she’s seventy-two
half her life as the One to my two.

There once was a woman ALIVE
who stitched TULLE into dresses for five.
They stayed on the rack,
her LUCRE was slack,
with a LUNGE her prices did dive.

Bad Golf Weather In Spain Again

MAYBE it was a brain DRAIN,
SNAFU due to mainly rain,
that SHANK was plainly insane,
SCANT hope for par remains in vain.

Hard to apply ROUGE on a TRAIN.
One THIRD is wasted in vain.
I got it all done in a TWIRL
’cause I’m just that kind of girl.

In the TIMES when I was YOUNG
each day would BRING a new FLING.
Of the good life I often sung,
money came in with a CHING,
APING my elders was fun–
then aging became a thing.

Take a TWIRL around the ‘hood,
feed the FERAL cats.
It is MORAL, right and good,
plus they deal with rats.
Paint a MURAL if you could,
put those cats in hats.

I was just ABOUT IRATE,
my NATTY hatty was crushed,
as we all know, haste makes waste.

Being HASTY made me late,
but I really should have hushed,
SALTY words show lack of taste.

When you’re feeling IRATE
And life does not seem great,
ALIGN with simple things-
What joy a DAISY brings!

It’s only a short DELAY,
no cheeks of ROUGE, no blush.

Anyone could CHOKE away
a hand of Royal Flush.

I just want someone to say
WHOSE PHONE was not on hush!

GREAT self-control
Feeling WHOLE

Troubles ARISE, oft by surprise.
On feelings GRATE, make us irate.
We’ve always hoped to say we COPED,
lifted our face, survived by GRACE.

Some YEARN for Christmas to arrive.
My ETHOS is more, “Get it done”.

A spark of spirit is alive,
SPOKE saying joy I should not shun.

Perhaps with effort I’ll contrive
to stop for pleasure, have some fun.

An upward SLOPE, today I’ll strive,
to climb ’til New Year has begun.

How Clear, How Lovely Bright by A. E. Housman – Your Daily Poem

My heart makes a TWIRL,
knowing you’re in my world.
I love you so much
and live for your sweet TOUCH.

She tossed her baton with a TWIRL,
like the best majorette in the world.
Until it came down,
to TOUCH her head’s crown,
then a stream of curse words she hurled.

I wanted to stay QUIET,
honestly, I did try it.
But instead my sense of GUILT
for the deed just BUILT and BUILT.

‘Twere the TIMES around Christmas
and all through the house-y.
Not a creature was stirring,
not even a little MOUSY.
SMALL stockings were hung,
though the kids had been lousy.
But Santa filled them all,
even though he was grouchy.

Sometimes LUCKY guesses ARISE
not requiring clever surmise.
Today was no such lofty PLANE
the word was TABLE, so mundane!

Maybe this will make you LAUGH.
To QUOTE ourselves from last night.
Not so much about PUBIC and FURRY,
we joked about starting with FUZZY today.
Turns out, it’s not very FUNNY!
I need a bowl of Bryer’s.

In QUIET moments oft I find
a river BROAD, the glinting sun.
That scene, unbidden, springs to mind
like a dog remembers BACON.

Lyrical Interlude for a Late December Morning

A RAINY day, maybe some brainy play.
The house seems quiet as a MOUSE.
Globle was a joke, our usual CHOKE.
Our only hope may be to ELOPE.
My sweetheart’s love fits like GLOVE.
Still in my bathrobe, I ponder the GLOBE.

Everyone loves some SPICE
but we are PICKY about ours.
How much heat is a vice?
That TOPIC is argued for hours.

STEAM ahead when you are YOUNG,
fill your POUCH and do it fast.
Soon enough you’ll be among
those who WOULD prefer the past.

RAINY day all alone
feeling like a CHUNK of STONE.
Hours at home came and went
idle days can be well SPENT.

I am CHARY of those dull words,
taking the SHINE off this word game.
First THOSE then THESE, like flightless birds,
arrive with a thud, so inane.

It is easy to keep your POISE
when riding a HORSE who enjoys
carrying a big bag of toys
to a HOUSE of good girls and boys.

The CLOUD looks like dipped ice cream
I CRAVE vanilla, chocolate sauce on top.
One more thing to would complete the dream,
around the edges a CHAIN of cherries I’d plop.

so just CHILL and THINK.
Open up your eyes,
SHIFT gears in a blink.

Wordle seems to AMUSE our Muse,
too bad she can’t provide some clues.
The fine line ‘twixt SHAKY and SHARP
is no reason to harp or carp.

All things EQUAL, best not to be
CLONE or cyborg, would seem to me.
Carry a PLIER, some spare part,
Never SLEEP, don’t feel from the heart.

LAUGH when you open your eyes,
it’s time to wake and ARISE.
THANK the WOMAN who raised you,
her love was forever true.

I should QUAKE in my shoes
like the PIOUS and good.
But I run my big MOUTH
like a YOUNG person would.

EARLY before coffee
is not a good time
for working on puzzles
and trying to rhyme.

We typo’d “PORUS”, yeah,
that’s really a word.
It has to be one of
the WORST we have heard.

Each other we ADORE
even when we both snore.
The way that we ADAPT
is with our daily nap.

We got up EARLY today,
went for our CACHE of ‘shrooms.
They had been TAKEN away,
who knows where or by whom.

TEACH me to paint those PERKY scenes,
where bright colors REIGN, sunlight gleams.
Acrylic RESIN is the key,
your fusty oils are not for me.

I love you just because,
like a baton loves to TWIRL
like a priest loves the PIOUS
like a SQUID loves SUSHI


Do your cooking with a SMILE
it is like a secret SAUCE.

Do not keep SCORE all the while,
puzzles have no win or loss.

Write, paint and play like a child
there’s SCOPE for joy, you’re the boss.

A QUERY we ponder DAILY,
what mortal danger should we fear?

But in HAPPY fact, on this day
no slouching, rough BEAST will appear.

Perhaps a fonder dream instead
that a TAWNY kitten brings cheer.

I had dreamed of eating ice CREAM
but the NOISY fridge up and froze.
More nightmare than dream, it would seem.
SOLID, icy carton of woes.

Let the FUDGE
be your GUIDE.

Just ’cause I SHOUT,
don’t THROW me out,
I mean C’mon!

THANK you for not making NOISE
while I’m on the putting GREEN.
Then back to shouting like boys,
you think I’m a drama QUEEN.

Never LAUGH at a CLONE of me
android form, skin of STEEL.
BEVEL face, PIXEL eyes to see,
with heart able to feel.

MINUS of ice cream late at NIGHT,
troubling dreams are mixed with delight.
Santa’s VIXEN plays on the roof,
festive PIANO tunes, with her hoof.

RAISE a TAWNY kitten
into a FANCY cat.
Grab CANDY in your mitten
eat ice cream from your hat.

Don’t tell me a spoiler SCORE
that I can’t ABIDE, nor
watching live at the VENUE
which means a lengthy QUEUE.
Television’s best, let’s pause
for ice cream just because.

Music room for me to make NOISE.
Sun room is where PAINT she enjoys.
In morning solve puzzles to THINK.
At night eat ice cream, tea to drink.

Help me please, I have a QUERY
am I CRAZY or just WEARY?
I fear I have begun to STRAY,
skipping my ice cream every day.
Did I miss a birthday PARTY
or can I still not be TARDY?

I hate to BOAST or brag
but this HEIST is in the bag.
I’ve got a lot of CRUST,
I’ll abuse somebody’s TRUST.

An ominous sort of DREAM,
not PIOUS, more extreme,
not for a SISSY, this dire theme.8

The SIGIL was quite a SIGHT,
a demon in full flight
carved upon the moon, evil light!

Some can wake at a TOUCH with ease,
ARISE at once, eager to please.
For some a SPASM starts the day
they ain’t so SASSY right away.

Research to QUERY the facts
trying not to TREAD too deep
first draft a WRECK but relax
start FRESH on GREEN after sleep.

I like to PAINT and when I can’t
give the light that certain SLANT,
Shadows Create Light is my CHANT,
never MEANT to start a rant.

In a given WORLD Cup match
the SCORE may be nil-nil.
There may OCCUR a great catch,
top Keepers always thrill.
Coach struts, orders to dispatch,
bad ACTOR, oh so shrill.

It is LATER than you think
LEAVE the dishes in the sink
minutes LEACH, your schedule grates
grab the LEASH the dog awaits.

today’s GRAVE business ahead
rather eat cheese and ham
in some leafy GLADE instead.

But my eyes will GLAZE
my wand’ring mind will rebel
wait for better days
away from this meeting hell.

My ACUTE RAINY day fever
had me moving like a SNAIL.
I ate PIZZA like a beaver
with a NINJA on my tail.

RAISE some novel paradigms
PILOT every crazy verse
All is LICIT if it rhymes
No LIMIT, no good or worse.

If I were a GHOST
I would not be IRATE
I’d miss marmalade and toast
but TRADE breakfast for fate.

I suffered an AWFUL nightmare
with the whole earth covered in FLAME
it was a monstrous solar FLARE.
My evening coffee was to blame.

I had such bold and LOFTY goals
this morning before dawn I did ARISE
but VAPID spirit soon enfolds,
MANIA suppressed, inertia defies.

The GUEST was quite HAIRY,
a little bit scary,
his ARDOR contrary,
a bone he did bury.

When you are not feeling GREAT
Out of TOUCH with place and time
UNITY overcomes fate
But UNFIT will never rhyme
So best to keep sleeping late
UNTIL ice cream time, sublime!

I sleep ’til EIGHT, then ARISE,
thunder booms from cloudy skies.
Keep my POISE despite the NOISE,
spend the day at home with toys.

Trick or TREAT, no need to PLEAD
if a sugar rush you seek.
GLEAN your sweets on which to feed
even when the night is BLEAK.

It gave us a mighty SCARE
even if only a PRANK
our WRATH they managed to spare
too much DRAMA, let’s be frank
Halloween made us not care
as if from the GRAIL we drank.

An unexpected GUEST walked in
“Won’t you pull up a CHAIR”, we said.
He said he couldn’t sit just then,
made a PHONY excuse instead.

We offered Bryer’s, bowl and spoon,
quite suddenly he changed his tune!

The THIEF said with weary GROAN
just the CAPON, beak and bone.
My father was right, I fear
MASON should be my career.

Is it a CHEAT, when chores await,
to ROUSE myself instead,
find a friend for a MOVIE date
that’s NOBLE in my head.

My QUERY is this, dear folk–
are all people EQUAL in line?
Or does Chef with her high TOQUE
think her PIQUE more worthy than mine?

Here’s what living is all ABOUT,
not TEPID attempts plagued by doubt,
ZESTY work, RETRY as needed,
keep on ’til you have succeeded.

If you are IRATE, you’re not ALONE,
for your CACHE of hate you must atone.
Adopt a new CAUSE that’s based on love
if from strife we pause we rise above.

The HAIRY MOUSE is easy,
There is always TOTEM pole,
Meta-poems make me queasy,
But quick TEMPO is our goal.

Fall weather our spirits often RAISE,
then we look forward to holidays.

In winter sometimes sleep until EIGHT,
We’re retired so we will not be late.

But any time ice cream is GIVEN,
becomes the season of good livin’.

We had planned to brazenly CHEAT
but were both too PIOUS by far.
Lest we suffer a BRISK defeat
we put the SKINK into the jar.

Not wanting to risk a repeat
of our last attempt, quite bizarre,
instead of just offering meat
with a SMIRK fed him ice cream bar.

Within my DREAM, a PIOUS thought
and noble intention arose
leading me to actions as frought
with love but only if I chose.

But somehow FUROR took its place,
to my horror what did OCCUR?
I found myself having to face
anger, always my only spur.

Gotta TRAIN, do another SQUAT,
work up a SWEAT, smell like a SHOAT.
Soon I’ll hit the wall, hamstrings knot,
SPLAT! That’s all she wrote.

Something from the DAIRY group,
at least FORTY times a day.
Beef JERKY need not apply.
MERCY! Ice cream all the way.

Our NOISY neighbors are at it,
their usual clamour and din.
A sudden outbreak of QUIET,
you could hear the drop of a pin.

They just about managed to cease
in time to AVERT a bad scene.
An ADULT, no doubt, imposed peace
lest cops needed to intervene.

Thought I was on the RIGHT track
and far too late to go back.
The numbers looked kind of rough
but on a GRAPH? Close enough!

I felt GREAT on the PLANE today
until my joy did LEACH away
my hope for a LEAFY green stay
turned into dreary, LEAKY gray.

We live with WATER always near
dry is an unnatural STATE
Nothing to BLEAT about or fear
it’s an ADEPT AGENT of fate.

I’m not ALONE, this is no joke
For me LANCE crackers and a Coke
Can hit the spot, without a fuss
UNCLE B E bought them for us.

It is nothing I SHOUT aloud
Or PAINT it somewhere to be proud
A TENET of the way I live
If there’s an EVENT to forgive
Tis better by far to have KNELT
Than cried over how bad it felt

It was a dark and RAINY night
Not a FOUNT of light within sight

Tossed a CHUNK of stone with a PLUNK
By sheer blind luck, I missed the SKUNK

All ALONE with my SNAIL
Waiting for today’s mail
Hoping it will contain
My ticket for the train
Relaxing in the sun
would certainly be fun.

We all CHASE after YOUTH
until we learn the TRUTH

Relaxing in the sun
would certainly be fun.

Our hopes were ALOFT
to start today’s game.
We started a bit soft
Next three guesses, the same.

It was tempting to YIELD
To the RIVER of words
No ideas had congealed
No NICHE had emerged.

We almost got burned
But it was only a SINGE
Five guesses were spurned
Used all six in a BINGE.

ARISE and open your eyes
let your pain off the CHAIN
better to be VITAL than idle
play VIOLA in Apalachicola!

Go ahead, LAUGH if you will
You can CHIDE me if you please
But I still get such a thrill
Hearing that CHIME on the breeze.

I would TRADE all my PIOUS threes
for a FUZZY five if you please
Heck, six would assuage my ill-ease
Lately Wordle games have seemed a breeze!

But today’s puzzle ate my LUNCH
caught me cold like a sucker PUNCH
needed planning more than a HUNCH
I must be honest, it hurts a bunch.

This poem may seem like a REACH
the word TORUS we can teach
just TRUST this creative SPURT
“donut” is today’s desert!

Seems we just began.
Done already, man.

They’ll DELAY the ferry
while you eat a BERRY
and make yourself MERRY
finish with a cherry.

It makes you quite IRATE, I know
but STEER clear and please take it slow,
avoid the EGRET white as snow
wearing a BERET just for show.
Where ever you are, there you go.

Brent’s poem

I remember how I used to CHASE
the cows around the DAIRY
my DADDY said this ain’t the place
and they’re way too big and hairy.

Ruthie’s poem

Playing CHASE with my best friend
around her father’s DAIRY farm,
her DADDY didn’t like it much
though we did his cows no harm.

I was sitting in my LUCKY CHAIR
viewing the match from my TV lair.
At the risk of playing armchair COACH,
for me their game plan inspires reproach.

Are you READY, or not QUITE,
to make lots of NOISE tonight
you hope it will be alright.

Time to do Nerdle in a swirl
then to give Wordle a whirl
SLIME is just SMILE with a twirl!

In YOUTH my life was one of ease,
Not a WORRY, myself to please.
Loving family, LOYAL friends,
maybe that good stuff never ends?

I just love to watch him play hockey.

his name is ROCKY.
Wouldn’t you like to watch
him playing hockey?

Each PEARL is cruelly shorn
from an oyster none will MOURN.
It’s a human DIRTY trick,
RIGHT or wrong it’s over quick.

Get me out of this HOUSE today
waiting’s become an AGONY.

On the RADIO, one day now,
holiday songs will make a bow.

It would not do me a FAVOR,
a Christmas CAROL to savor.

I make delicious MEATY stew
and I’m PIOUS about it too.
Before you BRUSH me off, please
try my macaroni and cheese.

In a DREAM I did not ENJOY
a vision of terror, oh boy!
As I watched in horror, alone,
a CLONE turned my PHONE into STONE.

I’m traveling a ROUGH TRAIL
with many a trap and SNARE.
My courage shall never fail
’til I reach its end with flair.

It’s enough to make me IRATE,
the way I still seem to CHOKE.
I’m not CLOSE to accepting my fate,
this virus is one unfunny joke.

The CRANK Test

Wake up glad to be ALIVE,
ROAST some coffee then contrive.

Write three poems, instead of one,
with the second ending o-pun!

’tis a GRAND PRANK, let’s be FRANK,
to hate it you’ll be a crank.

Still feeling pretty ROUGH,
not recovered QUITE enough,
for enjoying AUDIO.
Make my own MUSIC? No-Go!

I have a COUGH, not so GREAT.
Tried every ANGLE, must be fate.
Need an ANGEL, don’t be late.

Go to bed EARLY, cares banish
ERASE all the trials of the day
Into the ETHER pains vanish
EXERT not, just sleep it away.

It’s QUIET among the CORAL
the BROAD ocean overhead,
back at the MANOR a floral
RAYON suit lies on my bed.

I will learn if you will TEACH,
but CABLE TV has a mighty reach.
I know this link isn’t CLEAR,
must be my covid talking, dear.

It was a TOUGH time,
we considered a CHEAT.
No SHINY word rhyme,
with a WHISK it’s complete.

These past few days have been a BEAST
we did not YIELD because we know
our ELDER one feels strong at least
a week OLDER, rarin’ to go.

I’m tired of sitting in this HOUSE
Even though it’s all the VOGUE.
Wish I could buy prevention by the OUNCE,
don’t QUOTE me but I want to go rogue.

You don’t need to be ALERT
even with LOUSY timing
the whole poem comes in a spurt
if you’re LUCKY at rhyming!

The sun begins to TREAD
its morning path to glory.
Cast ROUGE upon my bed,
ROUSE me for this day’s story.

when for sleep you feel NEEDY
but you can’t DWELL in bed
when for breakfast you’re greedy.

The early REACH was promising,
nothing could QUASH our hope.
Thought we found the STASH
but then AWASH we could not cope.
In a FLASH we thought it was over,
did we GNASH our teeth? Nope.

It is a WEIRD thought,
could even go VIRAL,
to climb a BIRCH tree
in an upward spiral.

to this DIZZY notion.
All other plans repealed
we’re GIDDY for the ocean.

AGILE enough to AVOID
the bits our AMBIT omits
and AWAIT the perfect time
until we can get’s some grits.

There is no just CAUSE
to DOILY it up–
a PRION gives pause
in my ONION cup.

The BEACH is a place
of wonderful GRACE
it is my favorite SPACE

My curiosity had to be SATED
so it is best if you don’t CHIDE
me when I ELIDE the part you hated
because of your execrable PRIDE.
Please now accept my much belated
admiration for your lovely BRIDE.

We’re READY to lose this frown
Time to ADOPT a clown?
If that doesn’t bring a smile
Funny AUDIO may work for a while.

I am QUIET, no superhero

My POWER is subtle, best shown on paper

Only I can divide by zero

When through equations I CAPER

ROUSE me from sleep

TRADE my bed for passion deep

WRITE a poem to keep

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